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Spatial Structures Corporation Mero Gostar Co.

Why Mero Gostar?

Spatial Structures Mero Gostar successful companies since 1000.000 square meters of space grid structures in the project management unit has. 


  Our experience is our success

Our Services

Our services include design, production, implementation and consulting spatial structures with Mero system (German speaking Bold), producing a metal skeleton, with the company producing a variety of Akbar panel sandwich panel for wall and ceiling thickness of the bridge port.

Contact Us

Tehran, Iran Ferdows St., South Ramin, Ramin Building, Suite 206 Phone: 44065597, 44053129  E-mail:

Info @ merogostar . com

merogostar @ gmail . com

Spatial Structures Mero Gostar Co.

The company's design - production - Implementation and Consulting spatial structures with Mero system in Germany , " Bold Talk " was established in 1375 and produced in conjunction with the spatial construct is attempting to produce a variety of steel structures . The company has a plant area of ​​4000 square meters of production operations - assembly - paint and packaging is done in the lounge area of ​​2000 square meters . The factory located in the industrial zone in the Middle East is .

In addition the company proceeding with the company manufacturing metal products Akbar panel to produce a variety of sandwich panels of different thicknesses is Poly- port wall and ceiling , and the result of this collaboration to accelerate the process of providing appropriate client installation space as well covered hall is currently under construction .



Mero spatial structures already successful company wide network of more than a million square meters of space frame structures ( space ) in the project management unit has the most significant projects include the following :

Varamin run passenger terminals

Foyer performance of Qom railway station

Implementation of the four and a domed exhibition hall Khorasan

Implementation of a multi-purpose stadium in the Beast Women Tehran

Performing stores in Tehran ( Sadeghieh trout Castle , Farmaniyeh )

Conducting research and technology center in Karaj

Conducting business center , restaurant Proma

Implementation of Shiraz Salih Hosseinieh

Implementation of a multi-purpose stadium Petro Pars

Implementation coverage Tehran Light Commercial Officer Wade Center

Performing administrative building special economic zone Fern

Implementation of Tabriz Airport main terminal , Mstqblyn hall , lounge Hajj

Implementation of the airport terminal 5

Card Stock Car Hall of implementation

Implementation of Textile production hall Borojerd

And several other projects